Wholesale CBD

wholesale CBD

How Do I Become a Wholesaler

Registering to become a Wholesale CBD Drip customer allows you access to huge discounts on all our products when buying in quantity. Just fill out our registration form and we'll contact you right away. Once your wholesale account is approved by our sales department you'll have access online 24/7 to shop our entire line of hemp extract products. We are here along the way if you have any questions, give us a call 844.256.1833

If you are looking to resell our products on the shelf in your store, our dedicated and experienced team is focused to provide you with the support needed to guarantee you're trained on our products so you have the knowledge to deliver helpful information to your clients. A dedicated sales member will be available during the order process as needed, and we are online via chat from 8-5pm PST Monday-Friday with one click of the mouse. Once you place an order online and your order has been fulfilled through our system, you'll receive full tracking information for your products so you know when they are shipped from our warehouse, and when they'll arrive to your doorstep.

Not only do we offer our retail lineup packaged in cases with high quality displays for your store, but we also have raw bulk cbd hemp oil and isolate forms available. If you'd like to have your own products created with custom labels tailored for your store, we do that as well. Our lab can package to your exact needs based upon larger quantity orders. Our pricing for custom made bulk product depends on the quantity and volume you order but rest assure we are highly competitive and our pricing is excellent. Pricing is available online for our retail products as well as single quantity bulk extract so you can see what we sell the products for via retail.

Wholesale Registration Form

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Learn About Our Wholesale CBD Products

Our customer testimonials speak for themselves in how our products help people. We strive to produce the absolute highest quality Industrial Hemp CBD on the market. If you would like to learn more about our products please continue to read below as we'll take you through a tour of our current products.

Gold, Platinum & Onyx CBD Vape Additive Products

Our first line of products were created for vape specifically, to be used daily and come with Gold/Platinum/Onyx have variations in milligrams per ML of cannabinoids. Each bottle contains whole hemp full spectrum active CBD which is why this product has been so successful. Depending on if it was our regular strength Gold w/14.5+ mg's, extra strength Platinum w/58+ mg's or our Maximum Strength Onyx w/140+m's of active CBD. As you can see we increased the amount of active CBD in each bottle to give the customer a choice and to assist the effectiveness per use. The bottle size of these three singles contain 7 milliliters of liquid. We found this pocket sized bottle to be perfect for travel and contained enough product for our users needs.

While a majority of the other distributors these days sell either a synthetic or highly refined product taken from raw form then lab engineered into isolates which removes the trace amounts of THC and other highly beneficial multi-cannabinoids, then reduced into liquid forms they bottle. Rest assure we leave the natural ingredients in our products and that's why our company sells the best product on the market. We don't add a bunch of chemicals and ingredients to distort the flavor, taste or effectiveness either.
RIX MIX CBD Products

As demand grew for our product we delivered larger milliliter bottles that included higher milligram dosages of active CBD for those who desired a greater result. These tinctures products became known as RIX MIX 500 (10 ml), 750 (15 ml) and 1500 (30 ml) bottles. This helped to bridge the gap by creating a product in between our entry level Gold, Platinum and Onyx liquid bottles and our bulk concentrates which contain 12,500 milligrams of active CBD. One of the unique things we have always done with all our products has been to get professional lab tests done so not only can we ensure quality, but we also show all of our online viewers everything that is included in our CBD oils, capsules, drinks and raw products.

Ecocap Travel and Bottle CBD Extract Products

During 2016 our client base evolved and the demand for a easy to take pill either in a travel pack of 2 pills, or a 30 count bottle was developed. Balancing out what our most popular products offered and coming up with the magical formula for how much full spectrum rich CBD extract to put in each pill was our goal. We tried variations and came up with our proprietary formula and 30+ milligrams of full spectrum rich CBD extract to provide the desired effect. Each bottle of Ecocaps contains 30 pills with a total of 900+ milligrams of full spectrum ACTIVE cbd. The effectiveness of just 1 pill allowed our users to not depend on multiple types of products if they desired. Since its release Ecocaps has been one of our top selling products hands down and continues to get praise from our customers.
Ecoshots CBD Oil

Our newest product in beverage form is called ECOSHOT. We are offering two different blends intended on morning or evening use. The Ecoshot Energy will be advertised for morning use, this contains 25 milligrams of ISOLATE CBD per 2oz bottle. Ecoshot Relax is our mellow out evening use drink which contains 25 milligrams of ISOLATE CBD per 2oz bottle. We are offering this product via retail for a single bottle purchase, or in a 12 count display case box for wholesale customers. These are perfect for store front displays, the information is self explanatory on the bottling. The master case will contain 12 boxes for a total of 144 bottles per case.

Bulk CBD Oil

We offer bulk quantity bottles of our maximum strength full spectrum cbd oil. This 12,500mg of Active CBD or 250ml bottle is the same oil found in our RixMix products, just a much larger quantity. You can use this oil to build your own vape products or sublingual tinctures. Read more information about this bulk concentrate cbd oil wholesale product here.

Affiliate Program

If you do not have a retail store, you are not able to stock our products to ship from your location and would just like to sell online, we have an affiliate program that allows you to pass your customer to our store via a script with images that is all trackable via our website. if you are looking to advertise our Retail products without purchasing them and would like to make the best commission available.

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