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  • Form: Full Spectrum
  • Strength: Maximum
  • Suggested Use: 3-5 drops as needed
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ECODRIP™ Onyx is our maximum-strength full-spectrum CBD-rich whole plant liquid cannabinoid product. This product utilizes a responsible CO2 supercritical extraction method to extract the CBD, as well as retains all terpenes, cannabinoids, vitamins, lipids, nutrients, and compounds to deliver a full-spectrum CBD product that stores all the beneficial parts of our organically grown European hemp plants without using pesticides or using harsh chemical solvents.

Onyx is not an Isolate or synthesized CBD but a natural hemp oil extract and thus the benefits of using our Onyx product is the ability to achieve the "entourage effect" which cause all the natural cannabinoids and terpenes to work synergistically, for optimal benefit.

  • Size: Onyx delivers you approximately 140.0+ mg of Active CBD per bottle or 20.0+ mg/ml CBD in our single 7ml bottle with a child-resistant cap.
  • Strength: Being that this is our maximum-strength blend, the effects are almost immediate and can last for several hours. This is 10x the strength of Gold single bottle and 2.5x stronger than Platinum.
  • Blend: Onyx is mixed with our proprietary blend of VG/PG, engineered specifically to be used as an additive. We do not add flavoring to this product.
  • Flavor: Natural, no flavoring added
  • Usage: Everyone is different so use to your desired effect or liking. Most people prefer using one dropper full in their vape tank with a personal choice of flavoring, a couple drops under their tongue, or even use it as a vape alone alternative.

Onyx can be used as a sublingual solution and can be put under your tongue to deliver to you a full-spectrum non-synthetic CBD product that doesn't compromise. No matter what you like, CBD Drip has you covered.

I had a very serious car accident a couple years ago and I still suffer chronic pain from a neck and pelvic fracture (among other more minor injuries by comparison). I can't imagine a life ruled by narcotic pain medications and this CBD drip has been really amazing aid in avoiding that. I already vape so I just added this to my favorite juices. You can taste it a little but it's totally worth the relief. It's expensive for me as a student but I've made this CBD a kind of priority in my monthly budget! Totally worth every penny.
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Reviewed by:  from Happy Valley. on 11/25/2016
This is a wonderful product. If you have any aches and pains, this is your go to fix.
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Reviewed by:  from Alaska. on 11/1/2016
This let me live again...
I had a herniated disc that was improperly treated and eventually healed but has left me with permanent sciatica that I dealt with constantly, though it especially kept me from walking any length of time/distance. While this stuff is no doubt great for other uses, I can say with 100% certainty that this product has let me live my life again, almost entirely pain free from remnant inflammation in my back and legs. As long as I'm vaping this stuff regularly, I can get on with my day. I tried another brand and it couldn't even come close to the quality this stuff is and what it did for me. The ONLY downside is the taste, which is something like a rotting vegetation stew liquid. Get a really sweet or otherwise overpowering flavor juice to mix it in and it's all good though.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Phoenixville. on 3/13/2017
Nice CBD Oil but... The Applicator Is Poor. Does not work well. It's Messy and links oils everywhere when trying to fill a Vaporizer. A real mess. Easy fix CBD Drip Co. Please make a better applicator cape for this product. Thanks.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Austin, TX. on 3/22/2017
Awesome stuff
I started using CBD Drip as an experiment to week myself off my ADHD medicine. At first I was skeptical but a friend of mine suggested I try it as an alternative to those meds, and it's been nothing but amazing since I started using it. CBD Drip oil has helped me ween myself off those meds and I now use this as my alternative and it's been life changing. I'd recommend it to anyone who's felt like medicine is the only option, try this product and see for yourself.
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Reviewed by:  from Lubbock, TX. on 7/30/2017
Small Bottle
Nice product but way over priced for the amount you get.
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Reviewed by:  from Eastern PA. on 7/22/2017
CBD Onyx
I received the products on time, as expected with no issues. This product is excellent if you are experiencing pain of any kind. II have had a back injury from the military 45 years ago it it helps tremendously! As well, my wife's blood pressure is completely normal and she sleeps more soundly as a result of using this CBD. Thank you!
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Reviewed by:  from Arizona. on 8/18/2017
Try the product on my elderly mother for chronic pain . Unfortunaly no efffect decreasing the pain. At lest we try it; will keep looking for other options
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Reviewed by:  from puerto rico. on 6/11/2017
Love The CBD
This product is great. The longer I take it, the better I feel!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Texas. on 7/12/2017
People have reported very good results with this procuct. Have had no negative feedback on any of your products. Works great with a good price.
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Reviewed by:  from spyders custom tattooz and wicked organix. on 9/4/2017
There are no reviews for this product!
Q: What is the flavor of this?
Asked by: Kevin - 5/12/2019
A: Onyx is a natural flavor. It consists of our hemp extract as well as our proprietary blend of VG/PG and there is no additional flavoring added.
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Answer provided by:  Customer Service (5/14/2019)
Q: Hi there, I’ve been using this onxy for a long time now and have just bought 2 bottles for a uk based company that I have used before and the liquid is a different colour much lighter than normal,would there be a variant in colours? as the bottles I’ve had in the past have always looked the same. Thanks for you time
Asked by: Dai O’Toole - 3/2/2019
A: Since Hemp is a natural product It is possible for there to be some variance in color among the batches.
Was this answer helpful?  0 of 0 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Customer Service (3/6/2019)
Q: How many mg of CBD are there in of drop of this tincuture? I am trying to find a product to mix with my own coconut oil to use as a topical. Also would this be an effective way to make a topical for localized pain?
Asked by: Diane - 2/2/2019
A: The onyx is roughly 1mg per drop.
Was this answer helpful?  0 of 1 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Customer Service (2/4/2019)
Q: How many mg is the 10x strength I already use 500mg and was wondering if this is the same?
Asked by: Vaperfi - 1/13/2019
A: Onyx contains 140.0+ mg of Active CBD per bottle. Which breaks down to 20.0+ mg/ml CBD in our single 7ml bottle.
Was this answer helpful?  1 of 1 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Customer Service (1/17/2019)
Q: How do I open the product?
Asked by: Tambusi - 1/2/2019
A: All of our vape additives have "child resistant" caps and in order to open the bottle you need to press down on the base of the cap and simultaneously twist counter clockwise.
Was this answer helpful?  2 of 2 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Nuritza Landgreen (1/4/2019)
Q: Will this product test positive for thc on a urine test?
Asked by: Tom - 11/3/2018
A: Our products contain trace amounts of THC. We cannot guarantee that you will pass a drug screening.
Was this answer helpful?  4 of 5 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Customer Service (11/8/2018)
Q: I don't vape, but this was recommended to me. How do you use it if you don't vape? Is there a dropper to place under the tongue? Can you mix the drops with water or other liquid and drink it? Thanks.
Asked by: Bonnie - 9/1/2018
A: This product is specifically designed to be vaped. The bottle does come with a dropper which can also be used to place the liquid under the tongue if desired. Also the liquid can be mixed with your choice of drink, but the effect won't be as good as if vaped. You can try EcoDrops, EcoShot or our EcoGel or EcoCap capsules as well if you do not wish to vape.
Was this answer helpful?  11 of 12 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Customer Service (9/4/2018)
A: There is a dropper and you can mix the drops with water. You can also take it sublingual.
Was this answer helpful?  0 of 0 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Nuritza Landgreen (1/17/2019)

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