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Living Better with CBD

Posted by CBD Drip on 10/13/2017 to CBD Articles
Living Better with CBD

Living better with CBD

Explore real stories about the CBD difference.

We call ourselves the brand that works for a reason: we've created a product that doesn't compromise at any step along the way. And the reason we're so intent on crafting a truly optimized CBD experience is because we're in this to help change people's lives for the better.

You use our CBD oils for a variety of conditions - from anxiety to inflammation to pain management and more. And the outcomes you share with us are what keeps us striving for continuous improvement in everything we do.

We caught up with a few of you to hear your stories and learn how CBD oils are making a difference in your lives.

For Ken Z from Georgia, CBD has been a game-changer, helping to manage his anxiety and improve his day-to-day outlook.

"I have a lot of anxiety and nervous system problems," he says. "I was looking for something to help relax me a bit and make me feel a little better."

Ken uses our extra-strength CBD Drip Platinum vape additive, which offers over 60mg of active full-spectrum CBD per bottle.

"I use it at night before I go to bed, and it really helps me sleep. It's great for the price, and I'll definitely be ordering some more."

John W in California echos Ken's thoughts on the benefits of CBD when it comes to relaxing at night. John's product of choice is our EcoCaps, which deliver 30mg of active full-spectrum CBD per capsule, for a total of 900mg per bottle.

John takes the EcoCaps for their sleep benefits, but also to help manage pain in his cervical spine.

"I had a surgery on my neck," he explains, noting that he's still managing some ongoing after-effects. "I take one to two at night, and it's really helped. It's a great product. I was using it to sleep, but the bottle also recommends using one in the morning to focus, which I found to be pretty useful."

If John doesn't use a CBD product he'll typically use some sort of Indica strain, which he also finds works well. But with both, finding the right brand is critical.

"I tried two other brands, but then tried you and stuck with you guys. After I used it, I kept using it because it works. It's a great product."

Paraglider pilot and instructor Justin Boer is also managing a spinal cord injury. He describes CBD as one of the most "consistent, safe and beneficial therapies I've experienced in the last 4 years."

Justin takes two EcoCaps twice daily, as well as our Rix Mix as needed to help manage the symptoms stemming from his injury.

"It's helped me a ton with the pain and the anxiety," he says. "It just kind of brings me back to normal."

Justin flies with a number of adaptive athletes, and says that one thing that they all have in common is CBD.

"The use of CBD is helping us all," he says. "We're all coming together and flying and doing all this stuff. We're all getting the benefits of CBD. Probably the best part of my recovery has been using CBD."

Our aim is ensure that living better with CBD is a possibility for all - because we all deserve to get back to our best.

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