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  • Form: Full Spectrum
  • Strength: Regular
  • Suggested Use: 3-5 drops as needed
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ECODRIP™ Gold is our regular strength, CBD-rich hemp extract vape additive. We source hemp that has been expertly grown without the use of harsh pesticides or chemical solvents. After cultivation, the hemp undergoes a clean, CO2 supercritical extraction method which enables it to retain all of the plant’s natural terpenes, cannabinoids, vitamins, lipids, and nutrients.

ECODRIP™ Gold is not an Isolate or synthesized CBD but a natural, full spectrum hemp oil extract.

  • Size: Each 7mL bottle of Gold contains approximately 16+ mg of Active CBD, or 2.5+ mg of Active CBD per serving. The bottle comes with a child-resistant cap.
  • Strength: If you are looking for a product with a higher concentration of cannabinoids, try Platinum (4x the strength) or Onyx (10x the strength).
  • Blend: Gold is mixed with our proprietary blend of VG/PG, as it has been specifically engineered to be used as an additive. We do not add flavoring to this product.
  • Flavor: Natural, no flavoring added
  • Usage: This product can either be added to a tank with your choice of flavored juice, put under the tongue, or used as a stand alone.

Gold can also function as a sublingual tincture; simply add a few drops under the tongue to deliver a CBD-rich, full spectrum hemp product that doesn't compromise.

I have osteoarthritis in both knees, have been using naprosyn sodium (aka ALEVE with ranitidine to prevent stomach upset) with good success, but occasionally woke up around 3 or 4 am with break-through joint pain, so more naprosyn. As a retired physician, I did my research and had some hope CBD might work. Wow, was I surprised. Maybe it was a bit of placebo effect, but 8 days in and I have yet to need to use ANY naprosyn. I will continue
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Reviewed by:  from Granby. on 1/4/2017
Facilitator of Healing
I am pleased with the product. I find it effective in just evening out the anxiety and fight or flight mechanism. I am sleeping better again. Thank you. Zara 🌹🌞
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Reviewed by:  from Boise. on 12/12/2016
This stuff is awesome! Slight taste to additive but nowhere near as noticeable as others I have tried, mixed with a strong e-liquid you can hardly taste it. Works almost instantly and produces a calm, relaxed effect. Great for anxiety!
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Reviewed by:  from Michigan, US. on 1/2/2017
Great product!
I suffer from chronic anxiety and really want to discontinue using SSRI medications since all I have tried really do not work that well for me anyways. I turned to CBD as a last resort thinking it would be a more natural approach. I was very impressed with the results. The more I use it the better I feel. I still have anxiety and probably always will but I have noticed a huge difference since using this product over the past couple weeks. I do believe I will go with a higher potency next time. For those that may be hesitant or skeptical I will say this product will not make you feel “weird” or high in anyway. From my experience it’s not what you feel after using it but more of what you do not feel that makes it so great. I would recommend giving this a try to anyone that is experiencing anxiety and looking for a natural way to get a little relief
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from VAn. on 12/3/2017
I really enjoy the drip, also the option you have that you can vape it alone or as an additive.
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Reviewed by:  from Colorado . on 3/24/2017
Poorly packaged in glass
I have been using CBD vape products for nearly two years now. All the products I have bought, either online or in stores were packaged in amber glass or plastic. CBD drip came in a bottle that to me, appeared to be plastic online. I opened the box as soon as it arrived and took the bubble wrap off and the bottle slipped through my fingers, falling to the floor. It shattered into pieces. I am very disappointed in this because I really liked this oil but it should come in sturdier glass like the others I've bought. In fact, I did a test of my old bottles and dropped them on the floor and none of them broke. The glass this oil is packaged in is much too fragile. It should really be in plastic, imho.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Pensacola, FL. on 1/22/2017
I got this for my wife to help with sleeping. So far it is working good. She is getting better sleep and her breathing is even a lot better.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Williamsburg, VA. on 6/3/2017
CBD Gold
I just did a review on CBD Onyx and the Gold is an effective product as well. We have been using CBD Drip's products for months with great success! My injury from 45 years ago as a Viet Nam vet is put in check due to the CBD and my wife's blood pressure has been normal for months!! Great company. Great products! Thank You!!
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Reviewed by:  from Arizona. on 8/18/2017
Did not work as well as high concentrate cbd oil I found that took care of my MS, colitis and fiber myalgia.
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Reviewed by:  from Wisconsin rapids. on 2/21/2017
Great product for a starter kit.
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Reviewed by:  from Tampa. on 8/23/2017
There are no reviews for this product!
Q: use this product?
Asked by: Sally vess - 3/13/2020
A: ECODRIP™ Gold contains full spectrum hemp extract mixed with a PG and VG carrier. This means that it can be added to the vape juice of your choice if you wish to vape it. It can also be taken as a sublingual with a few drops under the tongue, or added to food or drinks.
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Answer provided by:  Customer Service (3/13/2020)
Q: How do you open the ecodrip the official vape additive? Pls provide a video.
Asked by: Brad - 7/9/2019
A: Hello, the cap is childproof so you have to push down when you twist it open.
Was this answer helpful?  0 of 0 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Caroline Wittmann (7/9/2019)
Q: is this a spray?
Asked by: Patricia - 6/25/2019
A: Ecodrip Gold is a vape additive and it can also be taken as a sublingual.
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Answer provided by:  Customer Service (6/25/2019)
Q: What are the ingredients in the cbd gold eco drops ?
Asked by: Rob - 6/11/2019
A: The ingredients in Ecodrip Gold are full spectrum hemp extract mixed with PG - propylene glycol.
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Answer provided by:  Customer Service (6/24/2019)
Q: Would the 3-5 drops be suitable for, an adult size, 15 year old, who suffers from mental disabilities, IE, ADHD, depression, anxiety and is schizophrenic? I want to try something more natural for her and hopefully get her off all these medications, if this is successful for her.
Asked by: Lesha - 9/30/2018
A: We cannot provide medical advice on specific dosage as every person is unique.

Please refer to our customer reviews as you might find a testimonial that is relevant to your question.
Was this answer helpful?  1 of 6 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Customer Service (10/2/2018)

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