ECODROPS™ Dream 10ml

ECODROPS™ Dream 10ml

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  • Form: Full Spectrum
  • Strength: Maximum
  • Suggested Use: 3-10 drops as needed
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ECODrops Dream begins with our full-spectrum CBD-rich whole plant cannabinoid hemp oil extract which is lab tested for quality assurance, non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free product that delivers you a raw hemp extract derived from our European organically grown hemp.

We extract our hemp oil utilizing a responsible CO2 supercritical extraction method to extract the CBD, terpenes, cannabinoids, vitamins, lipids, nutrients, and compounds to deliver a full-spectrum hemp oil product that retains all the beneficial parts of the plant without using pesticides or using harsh chemical solvents.

Once this raw extract is created we mix it with our master-crafted unique blend of terpenes engineered for relaxation and a sleep aid.

The last step is to mix our master crafted hemp oil terpene blend with a fractionated coconut oil (C8 Capric Acid & C10 Caprylic Acid) to deliver to you a unique blend to help with the relief you need and the relief that can only be found with ECODrops Dream.

  • Size: One 10ml black bottle
  • Strength: Approximately 3100+mg of Hemp Oil Extract, 500+mg of Active CBD or 50+mg/ml of CBD concentrate.
  • Blend: Some of these crafted terpenes are Linalool, Alpha-Bisabolol, D-Limonene, and many more. This custom crafted terpene blend comes with lavender, roman chamomile, and valerian terpenes. Also contains naturally occurring cannabinoids, Vitamin E, Omega-3, Omega-6, plant sterols, and other essential nutrients.
  • Usage: 3-10 drops on or under the tongue as needed. This is a tincture or sublingual use crafted product.

Studies suggest that some of these terpenes have beneficial properties to help with relaxation, pain, inflammation, calming effect, uplifting relief, and help as a sleep aid.

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Q: I typically only sleep for 6 hours per night and these hours are extremely restless. Are you aware of side effects such as morning "grogginess" or "fog" (I start my day around 5:45 am. and cannot be groggy)?
Asked by: Lisa - 2/26/2019
A: Hemp can be different for everyone and it's always best to start with the suggested use of 1-5 drops and increase as needed.
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Answer provided by:  Customer Service (3/6/2019)
Q: I'm a firefighter and I get drug screening regularly will this product make me throw a false positive ?
Asked by: Chance - 2/10/2019
A: Our products are made with a full spectrum hemp extract that contains trace amounts of THC. We cannot guarantee you will pass a drug screening while using our products because drug screenings are calibrated differently. If you are subject to random drug screenings we do not recommend using our products.
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Answer provided by:  Nuritza Landgreen (2/12/2019)
Q: Is this the best option for sleep?
Asked by: claire Moultrie - 12/20/2018
A: Hi Claire, the ECODrops dream is a good choice out of the ECODrops lineup because studies suggest that some of the terpenes blended in the ECODrops Dream have beneficial properties to help as a sleep aid.
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Answer provided by:  Nuritza Landgreen (12/27/2018)

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