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Confused about buying CBD oil? Start here.

Posted by CBD Drip on 4/3/2017 to CBD Articles
Confused about buying CBD oil? Start here.

Confused about buying CBD oil? Start here.

Our buying guide makes shopping for CBD simple.

You've read up on CBD-rich hemp oil and you're ready to embark upon a new wellness regimen. But there are a lot of products out there, and figuring out which is right for you can be a challenge.

Our buying guide will help smooth out that learning curve. We'll take you through the key considerations – and give you some pointers on what products are right for you.

Full-spectrum vs isolate
Full-spectrum CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant in a way that retains the plant's original cannabinoids, as well as its profile of phyto-cannabinoids, amino acids, fatty acids and vitamins. Together these provide the full entourage effect. CBD isolates or synthetics may technically have the same amount of active CBD, but they lack these other crucial ingredients that work together synergistically to provide the benefits CBD has become famous for. Here at CBD Drip, all of our products contain full-spectrum CBD so you never have to worry about getting a less effective CBD isolate from us.

Onset vs bioavailability
Bioavailability is the proportion of a substance that enters your body's circulation and can then have an active effect on your system. It's not the same thing as onset – although the two can be related. While vaping or sublingual delivery has the fastest onset of all our products, our EcoCaps have the greatest bioavailability.

Amounts of active CBD
Stated amounts of CBD aren't always equal to the amount of active CBD in a product. The term "active" refers to CBD that is biologically active and which directly contributes to achieving its intended performance. All of our packaging states the amount of active CBD contained in each serving and in the package as a whole.

Cost breakdown
The amount of active CBD you get per dollar can vary substantially by product. This is in part due to the differing overheads of each product, but is also influenced by packaging, formulation and the degree of dosing precision enabled by each product. Our EcoCaps and Rix Mix products provide the most CBD per dollar.

Serving sizes
We're often asked about the correct "dosages" for CBD. This is something that will vary depending on your personal needs, your background and your familiarity with the product. We recommend starting with our EcoCaps or our Rix Mix products and adjusting your usage depending on your results. Note that our liquid-based products allow for more precise adjustments.

Taste considerations
Like any oil, CBD oil has a distinctive taste. It's earthy and plant-rich on the palate. The taste is strongest when taken sublingually or vaped plain without mixing. To minimize the taste, take your CBD oil in capsule form or via a vape mixture.

Dietary restrictions
All of our products are non-GMO, gluten-free and vegan. Our capsules are crafted from plant-based cellulose and are pet-friendly.

Delivery methods
CBD oil is available in multiple delivery methods. These include ingestible liquids, vape pen mixtures, tinctures and tablets. Each method has slightly different onset and duration lengths, as well as some variation in strength. But it all comes down to personal preference.

Capsules. Capsules are the simplest form of delivery. They're tasteless, odourless and are a good choice for those who want to ensure their dose is regulated.
Onset: 30 mins.
Duration: 5-8 hours.
Products: EcoCaps (30mg/cap)

Liquids. Liquids can be ingested or taken sublingually – dripped directly beneath the tongue. Because they can be portioned out, liquids allow more precision when it comes to tweaking or regulating your serving sizes.
Onset: 30mins (ingested) <1m (sublingual)
Duration: 4-6 hours (ingested) 2-3 hours (sublingual)
Products: EcoDrip Range (2.1-20mg/ml), Rix Mix range (50mg/ml)

Vaping. This delivery method involves inhaling vaporized CBD oil into the lungs via a vape pen. Our Drip range is designed for vaping, and can be used on their own or combined with your preferred e-liquid blend.
Onset: <1m
Duration: 2-3 hours
Products: EcoDrip Range (2.1-20mg/ml)

Shots. Our single serving beverages are pre-mixed products designed to be ingested. Our new EcoShots range features added vitamins designed to help you perk up or wind down. Onset: 30 mins.
Duration: 4-6 hours.
Products: EcoShots (25mg/shot)

Still have a question about what product is right for you? Feel free to drop us a line at [email protected].

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