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Effective October 2019 we have started a new Affiliate Marketing program on Eco Sciences website that is geared for better overall retail conversion. This is a more advanced program that has higher payouts and provides a coupon for the affiliate marketers.

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For existing CBD Drip affiliates you can continue using our old program, but we are not accepting new signups on this website. All new affiliates will need to use the link above

There is a good amount of information inside your CBD Drip affiliate account once you've logged in. If you scroll down to "Affiliate Statistics" and on the right side click "View Details" you'll be able to see a summary of any orders that have been placed from your affiliate linking, past payments made to you, approved orders, denied orders and also the links that you'll find useful when trying to advertise our products on your site.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Where is your marketing materials and product images?
    Answer: Click Here

  • Is there a standard pricing sheet that covers all your retail products?
    Answer: Click Here

  • What customer type do I have to be to become an affiliate?
    Answer:You must be a retail customer of ours to qualify for our affiliate program. If at anytime you become a wholesale customer, you will not qualify for affiliate commissions because of your discounted pricing.

  • When do we get paid commissions?
    Answer: We do our payroll for affiliates on the 10th of each month and shortly after that we pay out approved orders via ACH or Paypal. Getting paid does require us to have your EIN or Social for tax purposes.

  • How do I find my affiliate URL?
    Answer: Once you've logged in if you scroll down to "Affiliate Statistics" and on the right side click "View Details" you'll be able to see a section called "My Links". There is a text area where you'll find the basic URL structure you can copy and paste to your links in your website.

  • When do you approve orders that I have made so they show up in my account?
    Answer: We manually go through all orders and approve these before payroll. So these are not approved/declined everyday or on a set schedule. Don't worry though, we have been doing this affiliate program for years and have a lot of satisfied customers. We approve most orders and the only reason we would decline one is if that customer was already assigned to another affiliate. We pay to the first affiliate forever that is the incentive to bring us NEW customers.

  • Can I link to other pages on your site?
    Answer: Yes! All you have to do is copy the URL of the page on our website you wish to link to and append the ?AffId=# to the url and it will track. Please replace the # in the example here with your affiliate ID.

  • Can I get a custom coupon code for my site?
    Answer: Yes! Before we create a custom coupon code for you, we need to make sure you are generating sales though and your website is following our guidelines. We do not allow our affiliates to pass our our own internally marketed coupon codes from MailChimp or other reward programs. You must use your own coupon code approved and generated by us. Please note that any coupon code you have us create will reduce the commission we pay out on your end. Example: if you want a 10% coupon code for your customers, we would reduce your payout by 10% on all orders. These coupon codes are a 1 time use per customer and are usually used on their first purchase.

If you have other questions please feel free to email [email protected] with your question and we'll be happy to assist you further.

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